Quickstart Guide - Part 2 of 4

Getting Started

Playing Your DVD

The DVD has been formatted to play automatically once loaded into a DVD player. You will not have to mess around with any menus or options. Just turn on your DVD player and put the DVD in. Make sure your TV is playing the DVD input instead of the cable, and you’re ready to go!

Watch It Through Once

It is a good idea to watch the DVD through the first time without doing the exercises. Just watch and get a general feel for what the workout will be like.

How hard will it be for you?
Are there any exercises you might not want to do because they would hurt?
Would you do most exercises sitting or standing?

Sitting or Standing?

During the workout, I will do most of the exercises standing, and another person will do most of the exercises sitting. You can do whatever works best for you. You do not have to stick with one or the other all the way through. You could start off the workout standing, and later you could sit down for a while.

There are several exercises where we will both be standing. These were exercises that I felt were important to include but that could not be done in a seated position. If you do not want to stand, then just remain seated and rejoin us in a couple minutes when we sit down again.

In addition to sitting and standing, we will also sometimes demonstrate a harder and easier version of an exercise. Again, do what feels best for you as long as it’s safe.

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