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Consult your physician before beginning a new exercise program. The exercises contained in Moving With Mike are not meant to treat any specific disease or condition, nor are they meant to be a substitute for treatment or advice from your physician or therapist.


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This guide is meant to help you get the most out of your exercise time. We’ll go over all the important things like equipment, safety, pain, breathing, and more, so when your DVD arrives in the mail, you’ll be ready to go!



You will need a chair both to sit on and to use for support during the balance exercises. Ideally it should not have armrests. It should also be fairly sturdy.


Hand weights are optional but recommended. If you have no idea what size weight you should use, here’s a beginner guideline. Find your age and gender to see what you should look for:

Age: Weight for Females Weight for Males
60-70 3-5 4-7
70-80 2-4 3-6
80+ 2-3 2-5

To more accurately gauge what weight is right for you, go to the store, grab the weight that is recommended above, and do some exercises with it, like arm curls or shoulder presses. How hard is it?

If you can’t do 10 reps of these exercises, try one pound lighter. If you can more do than 15 reps, try one pound heavier. Through trial and error you will find the right weight for you.

Don’t overestimate your strength and use a heavy weight that could injure you. We rather start too light than too heavy. You can always come back and buy heavier weights later if needed.

Any sporting goods store will have a selection of dumbbells for you, as will Target and Walmart. If you can find a used sporting goods store in your area, they will usually have a mountain of metal dumbbells that will be very low priced.

If you buy new, expect to pay about $1- $2 per pound depending on what style you choose. That means that two 4-pound weights would cost you at most $16, but more likely somewhere between $10 and $12, which is a good investment if you plan to use them often.

As I mentioned, getting weights is optional. You can also just use soup cans. A typical can of soup or vegetables weighs about 1 pound. If you do not want to use weights at all, that is fine. Just go through the motions with your hands.

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